Come in on Wednesdays at 7:30PM for a night full of salsa and bachata! We’ll start off with a 10 to 15 min. bachata warm up. Followed by salsa (on 1) partner group class. We love it when student practice after the lesson. All levels and walk-ins are welcomed.

For those who draw a blank when faced with busting a move on the dance floor, this group class is perfect for you to build up your confidence and know what to do when asked to dance. Discover how to use and connect different moves. Learn rhythm and how to not fall out of beat with intricate step patters.

During our group classes, students can expect to: properly lead women while they are styling, latin motion and body movements, free-styling patterns, and discover how to use and connect different moves. These sessions will give those more experience that extra boost of courage to get out on the dance floor.

You must be a student at Just One Dance to receive the free group classes. All other attendees must pay $20 on Wednesdays.

When dancing salsa, it is just not only about knowing how to lead or follow leads. In these group class sessions, we will go over latin motion, body isolations, and basic free-style steps, know as shines. Then, we will teach you how to mix and match varying body movements with free-styling, so that it will feel natural and come as second nature.