Just One Dance | Latin and Ballroom Dance Studio

$120 Introductory Special: 3 Private Dance Lessons, 3 Group Classes, and much more!

offering group classes every wednesday 7:30pm

Beginners 1, beginners 2 and beginners 3
INTERMEDIATE on2 Wednesday 8:30PM

Private Classes by appointment only Mon-fri 1PM to 10PM Sat 8AM to 2PM

Welcome to Just One Dance Studio, NJ’s Premier latin and Ballroom Dance Studio!

At Just One Dance we strive for an intimate feeling where your continued personal progress is our priority.

Contrary to what people may think, the name Just One Dance doesn’t stand for just teaching one dance or that we dance salsa on 1. The true meaning of the name has a little bit more depth. When a man asks a woman to dance, they are two individual people, once they join hands and arms, interlocked, they become one. Get it? Just One Dance.

Your weekly private and group classes will make learning a fun experience and you will see results faster. In our 1-on-1 classes, we focus specifically on you. This is where you’ll have the greatest opportunity for growth. While in our group classes, you’ll have the chance to develop your social dancing skills, a necessity if you want to get out on the dance floor!

With a combined 25 years experience, our talented instructors are extremely knowledgable and will teach you how to dance with a passion and dedication unmatched in the area . You will learn:

  • the secrets of proper leading and following
  • exciting partner-work
  • intricate steps, known as “shines”
  • and much, much more!

Whether you are a tried-and-true dancer looking for a fresh, new perspective on salsa, or a curious first-timer finally taking the step to go learn, Just One Dance offers a flexible private class schedule, in various types of Latin and ballroom dance, that adjusts to your life.

Just One Dance also offers choreography services to entertain your friends, families, or co-workers at your next birthday, anniversary, wedding, sweet sixteen, or corporate event.

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